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Samsung Heavy Industries Builds First Hybrid-electric LNG Carrier
New ship design promises cost savings of 30%, or more than $1m per year, and 7% more carrying capacity. - 13-Jan-2002

Most fuel cell companies give up gains on US plan
Industry analysts expected more from Freedom Car announcement. - 14-Jan-2002

Japanese Inventor Claims Original "Segway" Concept
Professor Emiritus at Tokyo's University of Electro-Communications claims he developed origina self-balancing vehicle 15 years ago. - 14-Jan-2002

Astris Energi in Negotiation on Two Fuel Cell Joint Ventures
Company confirms it is in negotiation with two potential joint venture partners, one in US and one in Britain. - 14-Jan-2002

Teledyne Technologies Unveils H2Oasis
H2Oasis hydrogen gas station produces 1,500 cubit feet/hr of hydrogen at 5,000 PSI. - 15-Jan-2002

VW Recalls Cars For Faulty Emission Sensors
German automobile maker is recalling about 324,000 Golf, Jetta and New Beetles for model years 1999, 2000 and 2001. - 15-Jan-2002

Sanyo and Samsung Agree to Joint Fuel Cell Development
Deal aims to cut costs and speed up development of non-polluting fuel cell power systems. - 15-Jan-2002

Milan Bans Private Vehicles To Fight Pollution
Drought causing increase in pollution, prompting ban on private vehicles. - 15-Jan-2002

Freedom Car Program To Accelerate Stationary Fuel Cell Development
North American Stationary Fuel Cell Shipment Forecast sees government spending will accelerate the stationary fuel cell market to achieve significant growth through 2005. - 15-Jan-2002

Segway Goes To Work For USPO
President Bush tries out 2-wheel electric vehicle during visit to New Hampshire. - 16-Jan-2002