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Sanyo Mulls Fuel Cell Tie With Samsung
Sanyo world's largest maker of rechargeable batteries. - 11-Jan-2002

Hawai'i To Build Fuel Cell Research Facility
Hawai'i Fuel Cell Test Facility funded by $1.5 million in US DOE research appropriation. - 11-Jan-2002

Union Pacific Leases "Green Goat" Yard Switcher
As part of year-long demonstration hybrid yard switcher locomotive will be based at UP's yards in Roseville, near Sacramento, California. - 11-Jan-2002

TXU Buys Spanish Wind Farms
Investment in two soon-to-be-completed wind farms worth $9.82 million. - 11-Jan-2002

Bush Plans Development of Fuel Efficient Cars
Washington Post's Warren Brown thinks Bush Freedom Car program is right solution. - 11-Jan-2002

US industry can't ignore an energy-conscious world
Chief economist of Deutsche Bank Group sees reasons why US car exports lag Germany and Japan. - 11-Jan-2002

Electricity From the Earth's Core?
Power Tube concept seeks to use low temperature geothermal heat to generate pollution-free electricity, but other experts critical of inventor's claims. - 12-Jan-2002

Ireland Takes Wind Power Plunge
Offshore Irish Sea wind farm to produce 10% of nation's electricity from 200 wind turbines. - 13-Jan-2002

Freedom Car Plan Warrants Blinking Yellow Light
OpEd from Christian Science Monitor cautions that pulling plug on PNGV program may be the wrong thing to do. - 13-Jan-2002

Fill 'er Up With Hydrogen
Editorial by newspaper editorial board which sees Bush administration wisely focusing on the fuel of the future. - 13-Jan-2002