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Senate Rejects Tougher Fuel Efficiency Standards
Senators approved by a 62-38 vote a more industry-friendly proposal that would direct the Transportation Department to develop new fuel economy rules. - 13-Mar-2002

Feds Disagree on How Much Oil in ANWR
While Gale Norton's Interior Department reports 10.4 billion barrels while EIA sees on 7.7 billion recoverable. - 14-Mar-2002

US Lags in Renewable Energy Investments
Among the 30 member states of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the United States ranks 12th for its renewable generation. - 14-Mar-2002

Toyota to Pay $7.9 Million Settlement with CARB
Settlement reached over disputed car emissions monitors affecting some 330,000 vehicles built between 1996-98. - 14-Mar-2002

Congress Fuels Wind Energy Boom with Tax Credit
Tax credit extended retroactively for two years to December 31, 2003. - 14-Mar-2002

Flexcar and Honda to Partner
Honda to take 18.4 percent ownership in Seattle-base carshare program. - 14-Mar-2002

Senate Caves In to Auto and Labor Pressure on Fuel Efficiency
"The Senate is handing our nation's energy security over to the auto industry," said Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope. - 14-Mar-2002

Vestas to Build US Wind Turbine Plant
Renewal of PTC and healthy wind energy market in US prompts plans to invest in US manufacturing plant. - 14-Mar-2002

Nissan to Use UTC Fuel Cell
Agreement includes co-development of fuel cell vehicle components and use of UTC fuel cells by Nissan and Renault. - 14-Mar-2002

New Corporate Players Could Power Stronger Growth in Wind Energy
Oil and utility companies announce series of major investments in wind power. - 15-Mar-2002