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"Real-World" Mileage Requirement Rankles Auto Industry
Senate bill would require the EPA to study the difference between its tests and how vehicles actually perform. - 09-Mar-2002

Greenpeace Calls for Responsible Energy Leadership
"Any plan that doesn’t spark massive clean energy development is just a recipe for an unstable, insecure energy future and worse global warming." - 09-Mar-2002

Hydrogen Investment Conference Slated For April
Conference to focus on overview of the financial and investment options in a hydrogen-based energy economy. - 09-Mar-2002

Lightweight Compressed Hydrogen Tanks Power Fuel Cell Car Over Swiss Alps
lightweight compressed hydrogen cylinders manufactured by Canadian company Dynetek Industries Ltd. - 09-Mar-2002

USA Today Calls for Replacement of Internal Combustion Engine
Only way to reduce US dependence on foreign oil is replacement of internal combustion engine. - 10-Mar-2002

Debate on Fuel Economy Turns Emotional
Senate opponents to Democrat energy bill paint the measure in apocalyptic terms. - 10-Mar-2002

JD Power Sees Growth of Hybrid-electric Vehicle Market
500,000 hybrid-electric vehicles expected on the road shortly after mid-decade. - 11-Mar-2002

Wind NIMBYs Fight Renewable Energy Project
Not-In-My-Back-Yard groups and environmentalists at odds over wind farm project in Canada. - 11-Mar-2002

Bush Signs Production Tax Credit for Wind Energy
PTC granted two-year extension. - 11-Mar-2002

Canadian Group Plans 'Clean Coal' Plant by 2007
Goal is to create retrofit technology that will let coal-fire plants operate cleaner than natural gas. - 11-Mar-2002