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White House Says Senate Energy Plan Means More Traffic Deaths
Claims of vehicle downsizing and additional traffic deaths are an "hysterical distortion" and "scare tactics" promoted by the auto industry, says Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass. - 08-Mar-2002

GOP Support For ANWR Drilling May Be Eroding
ANWR drilling supporters unable to get close to 60 votes need to overcome threatened Democratic filibuster. - 08-Mar-2002

As Technology Advances, Batteries Don't
Battery technology little changed from 1950s. - 08-Mar-2002

Alternative Energy Could Enhance National Security
Environmental Defense report demonstrates distributed renewable energy and linked with increased efficiency investments and cogeneration safer for US. - 08-Mar-2002

Natural Places Threatened by Bush Energy Plan
"Big Oil's Energy Plan: The Cost to Our Wild Lands and Waters," highlights 18 wild lands that are at risk by White House energy plan. - 08-Mar-2002

UCS Calls For 20% National Renewable Energy Portfolio
Union of Concerned Scientists' analysis finds American consumers would save a total of US$4.5 billion on their energy bills from 2002 to 2020 from a 20 percent Renewable Energy standard. - 08-Mar-2002

Fuel Cell Council Urges Progress on Standards
Paper urges accelerated review by public and private code and standards setting bodies. - 08-Mar-2002

Fuel Cells Cost Effective for Electric Power Generation
Study authored by Rocky Mountain Institute - 08-Mar-2002

Senators Reach Agreement on Improved Fuel Efficiency Standard
Agreement would raise corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards to 36 miles per gallon (mpg) for both passenger cars and light trucks. - 09-Mar-2002

Global Principles for Cleaner Vehicles Released
Expert group identified a total of 43 principles for further action by governments and the fuel and vehicle industries. - 09-Mar-2002