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Nuclear Fusion Claim Leaves Scientists Cold
Research: Oak Ridge team says it created the reaction inside tiny bubbles. But other experts could not verify the results. - 05-Mar-2002

Tabletop Nuclear Fusion?
Experiment uses sound waves to generate super-high temperatures. - 05-Mar-2002

Tabletop Fusion Met with Enthusiasm and Skepticism
Ultrasound purported used to generate high temperatures in collapsing bubbles of liquid acetone. - 05-Mar-2002

Report Documents Oil Spills In Kenai Refuge
Audubon report documents 350 oil spills in Kenai National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. - 06-Mar-2002

J.D. Powers Reports Growing Consumer Interest in Hybrids
30 percent of new-vehicle buyers indicating that they would "definitely" consider a hybrid electric vehicle. - 06-Mar-2002

Kyoto Protocol Based on Lie Say Scientists
Group of British and American scientists say climate too complex a system to model or change. - 07-Mar-2002

Scientists Study Recycling Scrap Tires
New materials could be used in roadways, shingles, construction. - 07-Mar-2002

National Academy of Science Warns of Sudden Climate Shift
Previous climate shifts have been sudden and occur over relative short period of time, warns NAS report. - 07-Mar-2002

Ford Expects to Sell Many Hybrid SUVs
2003 Escape SUV with hybrid-electric drive to carry 25% price premium and get 40 mpg in city driving. - 08-Mar-2002

Automakers Up Hybrid Vehicle Produciton
Toyota looking at production of hybrid-electric SUV for US market while other carmakers move forward with hybrid EV plans. - 08-Mar-2002