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EWEA Sees Two-Thirds of Europe's Electricity From Wind 2020
VP of EWEA sees development of major offshore wind energy parks as 'biggest energy revolution since the internal combustion engine.' - 09-Jan-2002

New Study Sees Link Between High EMF and Miscarriages
Kaiser Foundation Research Institute study claims women exposed to peak levels of 1.6 microteslas or greater were nearly twice as likely to miscarry. - 09-Jan-2002

Energy Trends Point to Unique Opportunities for Investors
Clean-Energy Market's focuses on five trends to watch in 2002. - 10-Jan-2002

Power Tower Could Generate Electricity for 200,000 Homes
Tower five kilometers in diameter and a kilometre high could power 200,000 homes using wind energy. - 10-Jan-2002

European Acid Rain Halved in 15 Years
Reduction largely brought about by switching electricity generation from oil and coal to less polluting gas and nuclear power, and by saving energy. - 10-Jan-2002

US Government Abandons Fuel Efficiency Drive To Fuel Cells
Environmentalists concerned that shift away from fuel efficiency will slow pace of conservation and emissions reduction. - 10-Jan-2002

Bush Abandons PNGV Program for Hydrogen Fuel-Cell
Administration has not yet determined how much it will contribute to Freedom CAR program. - 10-Jan-2002

US Gov't Set To Approve Use of Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Facility
Decision likely to spur protests and vote in Congress. - 10-Jan-2002

Firm Develops Membrane Technology For Cheaper H2 Production
Membrane-based technology eliminates carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide from fuels such as natural gas and propane. - 10-Jan-2002

Group Developing US Renewable Energy Plan
REPP sees link between sustainable energy and energy security that includes triade of energy sources. - 10-Jan-2002