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Bush Inspects EV Prototypes and Offers ANWR Compromise
ANWR compromise offered in effort to give drilling proponents edge in House/Senate compromise. - 01-Mar-2002

Senate Democrats Unveil $15 Billion Energy Plan
$15 billion energy bill favors more emphasis on energy efficiency and renewable energy. - 01-Mar-2002

Conservation Gets White House Lip Service
Atlanta Constitution editorial calls White House lip service to conservation "hyprocrisy." - 01-Mar-2002

ZAP Files Chapter 11Bankruptcy
Company blames high cost of patent protection. - 03-Mar-2002

UC Riverside To Work on Clean Hydrogen Engine
$100,000 grant to look at reducing NOX emissions in hydrogen burning engine. - 05-Mar-2002

New X-Ray Camera Captures Fuel Injector Shock Waves
Novel camera captures moving image of shock waves from diesel fuel as it emerges at supersonic speeds from an automobile engine fuel injector. - 05-Mar-2002

Ford's COO Pushes for Diesel
Scheele believes advantages of diesel outweigh its environmental drawbacks. - 05-Mar-2002

Diesel Exhaust Exacerbates Asthma in Children
Pasadena study shows 1.4-fold increase in asthma exacerbations in children in the fall months when particulate air pollution is less easily removed because of the stagnation of the air. - 05-Mar-2002

Kerry Endorses Diesel, Angers Environmentalists
Senator Kerry said considering support for increased use of diesel fuel in automobiles. - 05-Mar-2002

Advantages of Bio-Diesel Touted in UK
Bio-diesel gaining popularity in United Kindgom. - 05-Mar-2002