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EVAA Annouces 2002 Conference Location
Second Electric Transportation Industry Conference to be held in Hollywood, Florida, Dec 10-13, 2002. - 26-Feb-2002

UK Proposes Satellite-Monitored Trip Meter to Reduce Congestion
Program would charge drivers for every trip they take at scaling rate of 4.5 pence/mile in Central London to 1 pence per mile on rural roads. - 26-Feb-2002

BAE Systems to Develop Prototype Hybrid Truck for FedEx Express
Hybrid electric truck will be propelled by a clean diesel engine mated to an integral generator and electric motor. - 28-Feb-2002

Industrial Aerosols May Play Short Term Role In Moderating Global Warming
Microscopic aerosol particles from industrial processes increase the brightness of clouds, resulting in greater reflection of sunlight and cooling of Earth's climate. - 28-Feb-2002

Arctic Melt Down Could Mean Open Sea Lanes in Five Years
If melting patterns change as predicted, the North-West Passage could be open to ordinary shipping for a month each summer US Navy reports. - 28-Feb-2002

VW Bora Fuel Cell Car Crosses Alps
Hydrogen stored in lightweight, carbon fiber reinforced cylinders, with generative braking energy stored in ultracapacitors. - 01-Mar-2002

Hydrogenics Successfully Demonstrates Chemical Hydride Power Generator
Power generator is capable of delivering 500W of power and is fueled by hydrogen generated by Hydrogenics' proprietary chemical hydride system. - 01-Mar-2002

Renewable Energy In Growth Mode
Renewable energy around world expected to grow at 12% annually for next 20 years. - 01-Mar-2002

Just Two Thousand Acres Is All We Want
Editorial by Paul Krugman uses same shady logic as oil industry to prove he only uses a few square inches of office space. - 01-Mar-2002

Forces of Faith Enter Energy Policy Fray
In general, US religious leaders at odds with Bush administration over energy policy. - 01-Mar-2002