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UTC To Develop Fuel Cells for Nissan
French automaker Renault SA (RENA.PA), Nissan's alliance partner, is also participating in the development projects. - 21-Feb-2002

Ending Oil Addiction
New York Times Editorial - 22-Feb-2002

America's Energy Manifest Destiny
Editorial argues that America's energy destiny can't be left to Washington. - 22-Feb-2002

Dry Hole Energy Policy
Arctic drilling will do nothing to lessen the need for imported oil, says Philadelphia Inquirer editorial. - 22-Feb-2002

Japanese Toymaker To Begin Taking EV Orders
Electric vehicle can travel up to 60 kmh (37 mph) and will go on sale in July or August with a price tag of around one million yen ($7,457). It aims to sell 1,000 in the first year. - 25-Feb-2002

H Power Introduces Fuel Cell To Japanese Market
Firm to rollout its new EPAC 500 fuel cell by introducing the first version specifically designed for the Japanese market. - 25-Feb-2002

Toyota Announces 2003 Sale of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Highlander
Vehicle initially to be sold for 10 million Yen ($75,000) in Tokyo only where hydrogen infrastructure being developed. - 25-Feb-2002

Bush Poses with Hybrid SUV While Calling for ANWR Drilling
President calls fuel cells 'wave of the future.' - 25-Feb-2002

GM Organizes Rallies Against CAFE Increases
GM officials say CAFE unfairly discriminates against American automakers. - 25-Feb-2002

EVI Announces Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Breakthrough
New electrode shows significant improvements in both power and efficiency. - 25-Feb-2002