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British PM's Top Science Adviser Calls for Gasoline & Diesel Car Ban
Professor David King urges setting deadline to compell auto makers and oil companies to develop "green" cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells and electricity. - 17-Feb-2002

Ford Th!nk city to Arrive In US Fall 2002
New car to boast new features. - 18-Feb-2002

Sea Level Likely To Be Higher Than IPCC Predicts
Rate of glacier melt and shrinking edges of Antarctic ice indicates global warming and may result in higher sea levels than previously estimated. - 19-Feb-2002

Time To Make Conservation Profitable Says Stanford Ecologist
"It’s time to begin figuring out how to assign economic value to ecosystems and the services they provide, and incorporate those values into public policy," says Gretchen C. Daily. - 19-Feb-2002

Global Warming To Persist For Centuries
In order to halt global warming, CO2 emissions must be cut to 20 to 30 percent of their current level, says Georgia Institute of Technology scientist. - 19-Feb-2002

Robot Tracks Plankton Bloom to Test Global Warming Hypothesis
Experiment seeks to better understand role of plankton in absorbing atmospheric CO2. - 19-Feb-2002

EPA Launches Volantary GHG Initiative
Eleven companies join the effort to find ways to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. - 21-Feb-2002

Global Warming Could Freeze Europe
Great Britain recently launched a $40 million research program to analyze possibility of thermohaline circulation collapse and its possible implications. - 21-Feb-2002

Tropical Rain Forest Burning Adds To Global Warming
Tropical burning adds moisture to atmosphere impacting jet stream and ozone degradation. - 21-Feb-2002

Ballard & Ford Power Products Sign Joint Development Agreement
Ballard control electronics to be utilized in developing spark ignition generator sets. - 21-Feb-2002