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California Power Agency Looks to Conservation and Renewable Energy
Investment plan proposes to finance a total of 3,500 megawatts of "clean" power to strengthen reserves by 2006. - 15-Feb-2002

Senate Debate Over National Energy Plan Begins
Events of September 11th seens as adding heightened urgency to develop comprehensive energy policy, but parties divided over solutions. - 15-Feb-2002

GM Nearly Doubles China Auto Sales in 2001
U.S. automobile giant sold about 59,000 Buick and Sail cars in China in 2001. - 15-Feb-2002

Bay Area Environment Groups Object to EPA Highway Plan
Lifting highway freeze to generate more pollution for downwind communities, groups contend. - 15-Feb-2002

Scientists Discover 50 Year Warming Trend in Southern Ocean
Implications of findings could mean ocean likely to hold less carbon dioxide. - 15-Feb-2002

Decline in North Pacific Oxygen Levels Reported
Slowing of ocean circulation possible explanation, one linked to global warming. - 15-Feb-2002

Bush Global Warming Plan Gets Frosty Welcome
World reaction to Bush climate plan mostly critical. - 15-Feb-2002

World Resources Institute Critical of Bush Climate Control Plan
Policy think tank sees new Bush administration plan to limit the effects of global warming plan increasing greenhouse gas emissions by 14 percent. - 16-Feb-2002

Volcano Study Proves Man's Role in Global Warming
Mount Pinatubo studies show role of vulcanism in climate change, but also shows man responsible for increased global warming. - 16-Feb-2002

NY Times Calls White House Ersatz Global Warming Plan
New York Times columnist Paul Krugman assails Bush Administration global warming plan in this Feb. 15,2002 editorial. - 16-Feb-2002