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Senate Committee Considers EV Tax Incentives
EVAA endorses comprehensive and far-reaching federal tax incentives for battery, hybrid and fuel cell electric vehicles and infrastructure. - 13-Feb-2002

First CERES Environmental Assessment Finds GM Wanting
First outside assessment of General Motors Corporation's environmental performance concludes some progress made, but not in overall fleet fuel economy. - 13-Feb-2002

2001 Record Year for Ethanol Industry
Domestic ethanol industry sets annual production record of 1.77 billion gallons in 2001, up nearly 10 percent over 2000. - 13-Feb-2002

New Jersey Governor Signs Smart-Growth Order
Order also includes transportation and infrastructure planning and spending. - 13-Feb-2002

Bush to Unveil Global Warming Plan Thursday
Bush proposal expected to mirror the recommendations of his Council of Economic Advisers (CEA), which called for setting a "reasonable, gradual" goal. - 13-Feb-2002

Nissan Restructuring Starting to Pay Off
Company to hire back some works let go during restructuring efforts, signaling rebound in company fortunes. - 14-Feb-2002

Natural Gas Buses Take to DC Streets
Fleet of 164 buses seen as helping Washington, DC's 32,000 asthma suffers. - 14-Feb-2002

Bush Global Warming Plan Called 'Ghost of Enron'
White House says plan will prevent more than 500 million metric tons of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere over the next decade, equivalent of taking 70 million cars off the road. - 15-Feb-2002

Fate of Hydrogen Cars Seen Helped by Bush Plan
Investment in hydrogen infrastructure could cost $100-$600 billion, but without the investment fuel cell vehicles won't be built. - 15-Feb-2002

Senate Battle Brews Over Bush Emission Plan
Environmentalists and utilities both critical of plan to control greenhouse gas emissions. - 15-Feb-2002