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New Report Ranks School Bus Air Pollution By State
America's school bus fleet emits almost 95,000 tons of smog forming pollution and more than 3,000 tons of soot every year. - 09-Feb-2002

EVAA Adds Five New Members
Firms include John Deere, LADWP and NEVCO. - 11-Feb-2002

New Book Shows How to Reduce Waste by Studying Rain Forest
'What We Learned from the Rainforest: Business Lessons from Nature' is template for businesses all over the world & shows how industries will succeed and thrive well into in the 21st Century. - 12-Feb-2002

Flywheel Technology to Demonstrated in Combat Hybrid Vehicle
Hybrid electric power seen as essential enabling technology for future combat vehicles. - 12-Feb-2002

Carbon-X Fuel Cell Developer To Present at GAF Forum
Presentation scheduled for 2002 Global Alternative Fuels Forum in Stuttgart, Germany, on Tuesday February 12th. - 12-Feb-2002

Explosion Injures 5 at FuelCell Energy
Explosion occurred on a tape caster, a long, narrow machine that makes a variety of fuel cell components. - 13-Feb-2002

LLNL Develops Micro-Fuel Cell
MEMS fuel cell is designed to be 50 percent of the cost with 30 percent of the weight, size or volume of existing rechargeable portable power sources. - 13-Feb-2002

Canada to Restart Aging Nuclear Power Plants
Despite US concerns over nuclear safety, Canadian firms rush to put idled plants back online. - 13-Feb-2002

Nanotech Brings New Hope, and Hype, to Market
Wall Street specialists say the new technology could be a foundation for a new bull market. - 13-Feb-2002

Southern States Approved For Bio-Energy Subsidy
All biodiesel produced from soy oil by Southern States Power Co. for fiscal year 2002, up to a maximum amount of $7.5 million, will be eligible under the Bio-Energy subsidy program. - 13-Feb-2002