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Detroit Falls Asleep At The Wheel
David Lazarus thinks US carmakers missing important trend with hybrid-electric vehicles. - 06-Feb-2002

Volkswagen AG Completes First Long-Range Test Drive of Its Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car
The automaker, together with the Paul Scherrer Institute in Zurich, Switzerland, developed a low-cost hydrogen fuel cell with high performance "supercaps." - 06-Feb-2002

Bush May Announce Kyoto Alternative Next Week
US President says he doesn't want to risk damaging fragile US economy. - 07-Feb-2002

Religious & Political Leaders Join to Oppose ANWR Drilling
Group calls for improving fuel efficiency of US auto fleet. - 08-Feb-2002

Bush Criticized for Continued Support for Renewable Energy
Competitive Enterprise Institute critical of President's support for subsidized energy, including alternative energy, while ignoring massive subsidies for nuclear and fossil fuel industries. - 08-Feb-2002

Japanese Researchers Develop Hydrogen-producing Photocatalyst
Silicon photocatalyst can produce hydrogen 30 times more efficiently than current technology. - 08-Feb-2002

Bush Budget Puts $150 Million into Fuel-cell Vehicle Chase
Freedom CAR program considered "fresh coat of paint" on PNGV program that won't address immediate need for fuel efficiency improvements. - 08-Feb-2002

Buddhist Leader Calls For Greater Committment to Renewable Energy
Daisaku Ikeda calls for support of the World Summit on Sustainable Development. - 08-Feb-2002

Bush Budget Calls for More Tax Incentives on Renewables & Energy Efficiency
Oil and natural gas research programs slashed, while renewable energy and efficiency programs received a slight funding boost. - 08-Feb-2002

Three Companies Join to Create Hydrogen Storage Firm
HERA Hydrogen Storage Systems, Inc to develop and market hydrogen storage products using metal hydrides. - 08-Feb-2002