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Bush Offers Modest Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan
White House Council of Economic Advisers call plan "reasonable" and "gradual". - 05-Feb-2002

US Gas Guzzlers Top 'Meanest' List
ACEEE reveals "dirty dozen" most environmentally unfriendly vehicles for 2002. - 05-Feb-2002

Honda Steers Hybrid to Mass Market
2003 Honda Civic IMA considered very significant vehicle by both environmentalists and auto industry analysts. - 06-Feb-2002

Firm Reduces Size of Second Generation Carbon-X Fuel Cell
New encasement reduces stack volume by over 50%, significantly reducing the size and weight of the fuel cell. - 06-Feb-2002

Senate Likely to Block ANWR Drilling and Raise CAFE
Senate Commerce Committee delaying CAFE vote as Kerry and McCain work out language to significantly boost fuel economy standards, likely starting with 2005 model year. - 06-Feb-2002

White House Gives Glimpse of Greenhouse Gas Goal
Plan would emphasis credit trading and voluntary reductions of greenhouse gases. - 06-Feb-2002

Air Pollution Plagues Winter Olympic Site
Auto-generated smog now blanketing Olympic site causing state to designate Monday "unhealthy". - 06-Feb-2002

New Study Projects Faster Rate of Carbon Dioxide Buildup Due to Decline in U.S. Carbon Sink
The U.S. carbon sink currently stores between one-third and two-thirds of a billion metric tons of carbon per year. - 06-Feb-2002

Europe Moves To Introduce More Auto Dealer Competition
Carmakers fear EU proposal would drive dealerships out of business. - 06-Feb-2002

XFUEL Introduces Advanced High Density Aluminum Oxygen Fuel Cell
Company claims only commercially available and cost effective Fuel Cell technology for automotive applications. - 06-Feb-2002