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World Economic Forum Scientists Foresee Grim Future
Future seen to include unprecedented biological threats, global warming and the possible takeover of humans by robots. - 01-Feb-2002

Look Behind the Fuel Cell Smokescreen
OpEd by Ali Emadi, director of the Grainger Power Electronics and Motor Drives Laboratory at the Illinois Institute of Technology. - 02-Feb-2002

Study Shows Link Between Ozone and Asthma
10 year-long USC study demonstrates ozone, found in smog, to cause asthma in children. - 02-Feb-2002

Warming Tropics Show Reduced Cloud Cover While Confusing Climate Models
Climate change might be either larger or smaller than the current range of predictions. - 02-Feb-2002

Maxwell and ISE Research Pen Strategic Development Deal
Ultracapacitor-based energy storage packs developed for hybrid electric vehicles. - 04-Feb-2002

German & British CO2 Emissions Rise Again
Increases in Germany seens as result of burning lignite coal and in UK as shift from natural gas to coal for power generation. - 05-Feb-2002

How Enron Scandal Harmed the Environment
Moves by Enron executives not only swindled investors and employees, but also prevented the wider adaptation of renewable energy sources, contends Gary Gallon. - 05-Feb-2002

Wilderness Society Issues Unusual Warning Of Anti-Environmental Actions
Wilderness Society charges Bush Administration using September 11th as excuse to implement anti-environmental polices intended to enrich a few at the expense of our wilderness. - 05-Feb-2002

Rochester Institute of Technology Expert on FreedomCAR Initiative
Nabil Nasr sees greater opportunities for recycling and remanufacturing in fuel cell vehicles. - 05-Feb-2002

Bush Budget Includes $4,000 Tax Credit for Hybrid EVs
Fuel cell vehicles would qualify for $8,000 tax credit. - 05-Feb-2002