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Hyundai and UTC Sign MOA on Fuel Cell Vehicle Development
Hyundai and Kia preparing to respond to commercialization of electrically-powered automobiles around 2004-2005 according to company management. - 31-Jan-2002

PacifiCorp to Install Vanadium Energy Storage System
'VESS' technology based on the patented redox flow regenerative fuel cell which converts chemical energy into electrical energy. - 31-Jan-2002

Former Enron Executives to Focus on PV and Wind Energy
New company to provide distributed generation services using advanced energy technologies to mid and small business. - 31-Jan-2002

Nissan Sets 2005 Target for Launch of First Fuel Cell Car
Company not set specific date for sale of fuel cell vehicles. - 31-Jan-2002

Japanese Gov't Wants 50,000 Fuel Cell Cars on the Road by 2010.
Koizumi government to spend Y4 billion (US$31.8 millon) to boost production of environmentally friendly vehicles. - 31-Jan-2002

Nanotubes May Revolutionize Solar Cells
The power output from solar cells may increase from a breakthrough in the use of carbon nanotubes. - 31-Jan-2002

House Energy Plan Set to Double Energy Subsidies To Fossil and Nuclear Fuel Industries
Coalition says subsidies to oil, coal, gas and nuclear power industries that would total $62 billion over the next 10 years. - 01-Feb-2002

Autoworkers Favor Higher Fuel Efficiency
84 percent of UAW households favor increasing fuel economy standards to 40 mpg over the next 10 years. - 01-Feb-2002

Interactive Webcast to Document Global Warming in Costa Rican Cloud Forest
OneWorldJourneys.com to webcast from Costa Rica's Monteverde Cloud Forest as part of an Internet production on climate change titled "Mercury Rising: Bearing Witness to Climate Change." - 01-Feb-2002

Carmakers Cutting Prices in China to Capture Slice of Market
Chronology of prices cuts as China prepares for entry into World Trade Organization. - 01-Feb-2002