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H Power to Develop Range Extenders With PSA Peugeot Citroen
7 kW fuel cells will be employed as "range extenders," an on-board device that increases the current range of an electric power car through an alternative energy source. - 03-Jan-2002

Earthjustice Sues Administration Over EPACT
Three environmental organizations filed suit in federal court today to force 18 federal agencies to abide by a law passed in 1992 and supported enthusiastically by the first President Bush. - 03-Jan-2002

2002 Tour de Sol to Feature Great American Green Transportation Festivals
Tour de Sol will hold six free festivals featuring food, music, and Earth-friendly products including green electricity choices, and over 50 advanced vehicles. - 04-Jan-2002

Renewable Fuels Could Save Money, Environment
Study finds renewable fuels could help boost the U.S. economy by $300 billion and create as many as 300,000 new jobs by 2016. - 05-Jan-2002

Struggling Exide Faces Delisting On NYSE
Company secures waiver from senior lenders through April 12, 2002. - 05-Jan-2002

Earthjustice Files Suit Over Federal Failure to Compile with EPACT
Federal agencies fail to meet alternative vehicle purchase requirements of 1992 law, as well as failure to use alternative fuel in those vehicles. - 05-Jan-2002

US Government & Auto Industry Announce "Freedom Car" Program
US Government to fund research into fuel cells and creating infrastructure for hydrogen. - 07-Jan-2002

FPL Wind Power Projects Go Into Operation In Texas & Washington
278-megawatt (MW) King Mountain Clean Energy Center near Odessa, Texas, and the 263-MW Stateline Clean Energy Center near Walla Walla, Washington, began operations in mid-December 2001. - 07-Jan-2002

LAX Gets Clean Air Taxis
CNG-fueled Crown Victorias will reduce smog forming emissions by 88 percent compared to exisiting gasoline versions. - 08-Jan-2002

Texaco Settles Lawsuit Over Clean Air Act Violations on Navajo Lands
Suit alleged Texaco failed under the Clean Air Act to monitor and file reports on equipment leaks, and failed to properly equip and test its gas plant flare. - 08-Jan-2002