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Fuel Cell Energy Conference Call
Feb. 27th conference call to be webcast and open to public. - 15-Feb-2001

American Electric Automobile Company, Inc. Withdraws From China
Market risks in China cause firm to withdraw from hybrid-electric vehicle development. - 15-Feb-2001

Nova Films Says It Intends To Acquire RECO
New Mexico firm has develope proof of concept prototype that produces electricity and fuel using only solar energy and atmospheric carbon dioxide. - 16-Feb-2001

BMW & Delphi Unveil Gasoline Reformer Fuel Cell Car
Fuel cell services as APU providing electric power to car. - 16-Feb-2001

BMW & Delphi Develop SOFC APU
Abstract - 16-Feb-2001

DCH Demos New Micro Fuel Cell & H2 Water Taxi
New fuel cell intended to replace 6 volt battery. Water taxi uses fuel cell to power electronics and hydrogen-powered turbine for motive power. - 18-Feb-2001

Fuel Cell Mine Loader To Hit Market in 5 Years
New loader expected to cost 25% more than conventional diesel version, but savings to be realized in reduced need for ventilation. - 19-Feb-2001

World Disasters Seen As Global Warming Outcome
1,000 page report by IPCC indicate poor will be less able to adapt and greatest climate change will take place in polar regions. - 19-Feb-2001

The Car of the Future May Help Power Your Home
New report suggests electrified transportation will soon be a necessity rather than an option. - 19-Feb-2001

Firm Says Demand for Green Power Interconnect Product Soaring
Xantrex, manufacturer of Trace brand of interconnect hardware lets consumers make use of both grid power and alternative power including photovoltaics,small wind turbines and micro hydro power. - 20-Feb-2001