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Alternative Fuel Vehicle Conference to Draw Leaders to DFW Airport
Conference scheduled for Feb 15-16, 2001 at DFW Airport. - 13-Feb-2001

Canadian Electric Car Launched at Toronto Auto Show
Feel Good Cars reintroduces the electric Dauphine Electric car. - 14-Feb-2001

Firm Reveals Hydrogen Generation Unit
Self contained, portable unit produces hydrogen gas when water added. - 14-Feb-2001

Patents Awarded for Lower Cost Hydrogen Production And Purification
Proton Energy Systems patents enable low cost hydrogen production, purification and compression for industrial, fuel and energy storage applications. - 14-Feb-2001

ECD Announces Significantly Improved Operating Results
Revenues up 123% and net loss was $0.04 compared to $0.32 for 2000. - 14-Feb-2001

Solectria Shifts Business Focus with Singapore Equity Stake
Singapore Technology will become largest Solectria shareholder with just under 40% ownership. - 14-Feb-2001

New US Energy Sec't Says White House Forming Broad Energy Policy
Administration's new energy policy still being formulated, but will also push for the development of cleaner coal technology to fuel electric generating plants, review the permitting process for nuclear power plants and promote more renewable energy sources like wind and solar. - 14-Feb-2001

IMCO CEO Interviewed by CEOcast.com
Robert Stemmler talks about companies alternative energy products. - 15-Feb-2001

Nuvera and Air Liquide Form Joint Venture to Market Fuel Cells
New joint venture firm based in France to develop and market, on a global scale, complete power production systems based on fuel cell and fuel processor technology. - 15-Feb-2001

Pennsylvania to Offer $1500 for Hybrid Vehicle Purchases
Program is part of $7 million to fund alternative fuel projects in the state. - 15-Feb-2001