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GIZMO EV Runs For Penny A Mile
Oregonians find Gizmo is good clean fun. - 14-Jan-2001

Pennsylvania Plant Turns Out Postal EV Bodies
Plant resumes production after 7 year hiatus to produce first 500 bodies for Ford/Baker Electric postal vans. - 14-Jan-2001

Ford Looking To Break Paradigms with Th!nk
What the Palm Pilot computer is to the PC, the Th!nk is to the automobile, and like the former, it can be far more useful at times. - 14-Jan-2001

Internationally Recognized Expert on Sustainable Design, Charts Earth-Friendly Path for Business
William cDonough will first offer his innovative plan for business to learn and profit from nature's productive and regenerative relationships, while addressing organizational and operational challenges. - 25-Jan-2001

California Forges Ahead with ZEV Mandate
Mandate initially lowers ZEVs for 2003, but ultimately requires more over the next decade. - 27-Jan-2001

Beacon Power's Flywheel Energy Technology Sees Use In California
System replaces lead-acid battery backup systems. - 29-Jan-2001

Evercel, Inc., Reports 2000 Fourth Quarter and Year End Results
Company reports $1.80 per share loss on reduced revenues. - 30-Jan-2001

FedEx To Develop Electric Hybrid Trucks
Alliance for Environmental Innovation partners with FedEx to cut emissions 90% and fuel costs by 50%. - 30-Jan-2001

Hybrid Buses in Asia-Pacific Powered by Capstone Microturbines
http://www.stuff.co.nz/inl/index/0,1008,616308a1936,FF.html - 31-Jan-2001

Trying to Sell Electric-Car Concept
Abstract - 31-Jan-2001