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Plug Power Commercial Sales Expected by July
Abstract - 15-Apr-2001

Green Groups Vow Boycott of Oil Firms Over Kyoto
Delegates from 60 countries resolved to "send a message" to firms that swayed US President. - 16-Apr-2001

Bush On Environment: The Worst Is Yet To Come
Magazine sees Bush as environmentally myopic. - 16-Apr-2001

Capstone Conference Call Open To Public
Quarterly conference all scheduled for Friday, April 20 at 5 pm Eastern/2 pm Pacific. - 17-Apr-2001

4th Annual Alternative Transportation Fair Scheduled in Italy
International trade show features alternative fuel vehicles from roller skates to buses. - 17-Apr-2001

Medis Technologies to Present Portable Fuel Cell Technology At Symposium
Portable fuel cell intended to power laptop computers, cellphones, and other portable electronic devices. - 17-Apr-2001

Waste-to-Ethanol Motor Fuel Conversion
Firm's process converts solid wastes into high octane fuel. - 17-Apr-2001

California Firm is Turning Sunlight and Water Into Hydrogen Fue
Firm uses algae to produce hydrogen from sunlight and seawater. - 17-Apr-2001

Call For Consumer Boycott Forces Exxon Mobil To Respond
Call by environmental groups to boycott Exxon Mobil for its role in Bush Administration action on Kyoto forces company to issue company position. - 17-Apr-2001

ZAP Receives $500,000 Contract from Korea
ZapKorea formed to exclusively distribute Zap products in Korea. - 17-Apr-2001