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New York Buys 300 Toyota Prius Hybrid-Electric Cars
Prius hybrids to be used by a variety of municipal agencies including the Department of Buildings, Parks and Recreation, the Department of Health and the Department of Transportation in New York City. - 12-Apr-2001

Business Group Proposes Action Plan on Climate Change
Council for International Business (USCIB) urges the administration to move swiftly in developing an agenda for future talks that would address a wide range of energy, competitiveness and technology-related issues. - 12-Apr-2001

NiSource Head Sees Natural Gas as Fuel of the Future
Trend towards distributed generation good for natural gas market, NiSource CEO Neale tells shareholders. - 12-Apr-2001

Chirac Tells Powell of French Concern Over Kyoto
Chirac tells Powell,"We are responsible to future generations because global warming, which has already started, will have disastrous consequences for everybody." - 12-Apr-2001

Foreign Relations Council Says US Must Embrace Energy Efficiency
Council on Foreign Relations' report urges US to adopt new conservation measures such as improved vehicle fuel efficiency if it is to ease its energy supply woes. - 12-Apr-2001

Studies Attribute Ocean Warming to Human Actions
NOAA and UCSD Scripps Institute of Oceanography ocean climate models link human activity to global warming. - 12-Apr-2001

Transport Canada Introduces Regulations on Electric Bicycles
Aamendment creates a definition specifically for power-assisted bicycles and applies separate technical and safety requirements from motorcycles. - 12-Apr-2001

Pennsylvania To Demonstrate Home Power Generation with HEV
Propane-fueled hybrid electric Ford Escort to provide transportation and generate the electricity for a home or business. - 14-Apr-2001

US Energy Dept Sets Air Conditioner Efficiency Rule
New rule requiring 20% improvement criticized as weaker than 30% proposed by Clinton Administration. - 14-Apr-2001

Ford To Deliver First PO eVans To California
Special ceremony scheduled for April 19, 2001 at State Capitol. - 15-Apr-2001