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Bush Budget Cuts Solar, Renewable Energy Programs
Core solar, wind and other renewable energy programs would be cut by more than half to $186 million from current spending levels of $376 million. - 09-Apr-2001

EU: Support Rising for Climate Deal Without U.S.
European Union is gaining support from Russia, Asia and the developing world for pushing ahead with a 1997 deal on combating global warming. - 09-Apr-2001

Annan Hopes U.S. Will Change Mind on Greenhouse Gas
U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan says US decision on Kyoto Treaty "unfortunate". - 09-Apr-2001

Danish Windturbine Stocks Gain on US Budget Plan
Bush draft budget to extend the current tax credit system for wind energy. - 10-Apr-2001

White House Budget Emphasizes Incentives, Cuts Research
FY 2002 Budget proposal in brief. - 11-Apr-2001

APS Dedicates Solar Plants in Three Arizona Communities
Total solar capacity now nears 1 megawatt, enough to power 1,000 homes. - 11-Apr-2001

Just As Business Starts Thinking Green, the White House Doesn't
John Balzar's commentary on the wrong signals being sent by The White House's anti-environmental policy decisions. - 11-Apr-2001

PNGV Program Budget Cut By 30%, Refocused
Aadministration hopes to broaden the focus of the eight-year-old research program in order to produce technology that can apply to all types of vehicles. - 11-Apr-2001

EU World Trip Confirms US Isolation on Kyoto
Five key countries pledge firm support for the climate change negotiation process. - 12-Apr-2001

Carbon Nanotechnologies Announces Plans to Scale Up Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes
Firm hopes to produce buckytubes at industrial quantities. - 12-Apr-2001