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Russia Eyes Windfall From Greenhouse Gas Quotas
Russia may receive from a few hundred dollars to $5-6 billion per year, depending on market conditions. - 05-Apr-2001

Plug Power Announces Upcoming Events
Plug Power invites all investors, media and the general public to listen to this webcast on April 12, 2001 at 9:00 a.m. (EDT). - 06-Apr-2001

Tour de Sol Lines Up Sponsor's for 'Green Transportation Festival'
Six festivals showcasing the latest Earth-friendly vehicles, will be held in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts as part of annual Tour de sol. - 06-Apr-2001

Environmental Organizations Defeat Coal Industry Global Warming Lawsuit
Federal court dismisses a major lawsuit filed by the coal industry that had sought to silence debate on global warming. - 06-Apr-2001

PG&E Files Chapter 11; Cites Unreimbursed Costs
Bankruptcy filing came the morning after Davis, in a statewide address> - 06-Apr-2001

Few Choices Abound for Energy Self-Sufficiency In US
Small power systems for homes and businesses growing as solar panel sales quadruple. - 07-Apr-2001

PG&E Bankrupcty Seen Hurting Small Power Generators
PG&E bankruptcy may force small power generators to follow suit in California,further impacting state's power supply. - 07-Apr-2001

Cheney Defends Bush Environmental Policies
VP pledges to pursue oil and gas drilling in an Arctic wildlife refuge and advocates nuclear power. - 09-Apr-2001

Toyota Plans Summer Roll-out of Fuel Cell Test Car
Prototype FCEV to be based on Highlander sport-utility vehicle and run primarily on a fuel cell producing 90 kilowatts of power. - 09-Apr-2001

Nuclear Control Institute Calls on Nuclear Industry to Abandon Use Of Plutonium, Highly Enriched Uranium
Use of enriched materials leading to uncontrollable proliferation of nuclear weapons. - 09-Apr-2001