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Ten Leaders Implore Bush to Cut Greenhouse Gases
Former President Jimmy Carter and USSR president Mikhail Gorbachev, among others, publish letter urging US action on CO2. - 04-Apr-2001

EPRI Fuel Cell Program Manager Moves to AMS
K.R. "Ammi" Amarnath appointed VP of business development for Advanced Material Sciences. - 04-Apr-2001

First Ever Networked Fuel Cell System for Commercial Use
Firms joint forces to develop networked, zero-emission, commercial-sized alkaline fuel cell power generation systems. - 04-Apr-2001

Britain Aims to Harness Offshore Wind Power
Off-shore sites have the potential to power over one million British homes with between 1,000 and 1,500 megawatts of power. - 05-Apr-2001

Europe Warns U.S. That It Will Go Ahead with Kyoto
EU says it does not see a solution to the climate problem outside the Kyoto Protocol. - 05-Apr-2001

Proton Energy Systems Announces Operation of First High Pressure Hydrogen Production Cell Stack
Multi-cell Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrochemical cell stack produces hydrogen at 2000 pounds per square inch output pressure. - 05-Apr-2001

Texas Demonstrates 'Energy of the Future'
First public demonstration of 3,000-watt hydrogen fuel cell used today to power sophisticated air quality monitoring equipment used by Texas' environmental agency. - 05-Apr-2001

UN Expert: Climate Change Skeptics a Tiny Minority
Robert Watson estimates 98-99% of scientists support IPCC global warming stance. - 05-Apr-2001

Greenpeace Gives US Firms Deadline on Climate Pact
Top 100 US corporations asked to take stance on global warming or face consumer boycott. - 05-Apr-2001

Major Wind Power Project to Be Built in West Texas
Project will consist of 214 wind turbines and have a capacity of 278.2 megawatts, sufficient to supply power to around 139,100 Texas homes. - 05-Apr-2001