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California Fuel Cell Partnership To Demonstrate Fuel Cell Vehicles in Los Angeles
Event scheduled for April 18, 2001 at California Science Center at 10am. - 02-Apr-2001

Global Warming, Disease Spread Link Uncertain Panel Says
Changes in climate can contribute to some disease outbreaks but link to global warming unproven yet. - 02-Apr-2001

Astris Energi Completes Fuel Cell-Powered Golf Cart on Time
ASTRICART is designed for use in a wide variety of small vehicles and eliminates costly and time-consuming battery charging required in electric carts and the noise and pollution caused by gasoline-powered carts, the company says. - 03-Apr-2001

UTC's International Fuel Cells to Power World's Largest Fuel Cell Installation
PC25 units, which each produce 200 kilowatts of electricity and 900,000 Btus of heat, will provide primary power to the Connecticut Juvenile Training School in Middletown, Conn. - 03-Apr-2001

CNN NEWSROOM Airs Powering the Planet
Educational Program Provides Online Lesson Plans for Science, Current Events Classes - 03-Apr-2001

EMEX Corp. Plans to Build Natural Gas Synthesis Plan
Plants to utilize the firm’s proprietary gas technologies to produce clean-burning diesel fuel, high-quality waxes, electricity, thermal energy, specialty chemicals and water. - 03-Apr-2001

EU Urges U.S. to Reconsider Global Warming Treaty
EU members 'really upset' by Bush Administration decision to walk away from Kyoto Accord. - 03-Apr-2001

Canada Calls on U.S. to Stick with Kyoto Accord
Prime Minister Jean Chretien called on the United States on Tuesday to stick with the Kyoto accord. - 03-Apr-2001

California Public Power Renewable Energy Action Team Launched
Renewable energy seen by non-profit group as increasingly cost effective alternative in California. - 03-Apr-2001

U.S. Confident of Innovations on Climate Change
EPA head tells European Union officials the Bush administration is "optimistic" world can develop technologies and market-based incentives to global climate change. - 03-Apr-2001