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Hemisphere Conference Ends in Discord on Global Warming
Canadian delegates say Europe's position at Hague conference forced US to withdraw form Kyoto accord. - 31-Mar-2001

No Trade Retaliation Due U.S. Kyoto Refusal
EU refuses to accept US rejection of Kyoto treaty, plans to send delegation to Washington. - 31-Mar-2001

Energy Crisis May Speed Advancement of Alternative Fuels
Washington Post columnist argues that current energy crisis can speed adoption of EVs and hybrids. - 31-Mar-2001

Dirty Air And High Blood Pressure Linked
New study links air pollution levels to blood pressure. - 31-Mar-2001

Survey Shows Canadians Willing to Pay More For Greener Cars
Forty per cent of Canadians polled said they would be prepared to pay "significantly" more for greener vehicles. - 01-Apr-2001

Hydrogen Powers Energy Hopes
Experts say it may be the fuel of the future. - 02-Apr-2001

Ballard, Honda Sign $25.9-Million Supply Agreement For Fuel Cells
Deal worth US$16.5 million for Mark 900 Series fuel cell power modules. - 02-Apr-2001

ZAP Introduces GolfCycle
Three-wheeled bike combines human-electric drive. - 02-Apr-2001

House Lawmakers Want Bush Change on Carbon Emissions
57 Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives ask Bush to reconsider CO2 stance. - 02-Apr-2001

Dem's Say Bush Budget Won't Reflect Energy Crisis Warning
Democrats say hundreds of millions of dollars of cuts in funding for research to reduce energy use and promote renewable resources -- like wind and solar -- would be slashed by about one-third. - 02-Apr-2001