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Environmentalists from Around the Globe Convene in Atlanta
Conference to be held in Atlanta April 5-6, 2001 to explore the most pressing environmental issues facing our world from a local, national and global perspective. - 29-Mar-2001

Bush Looks Beyond Alaska for Energy Supplies
Bush says he would look for energy supplies elsewhere, particularly natural gas, in other unprotected U.S. federal lands, the Canadian Northwest Territories and Mexico. - 29-Mar-2001

Bush Seeks to Reassure Allies on Global Warming
Bush defends greenhouse gas decision by saying US in midst of energy shortage. - 29-Mar-2001

Italy Slams Bush's Turnaround on Climate Treaty
Environment Minister Willer Bordon called Bush's decision to go back on the 1997 Kyoto accord "extremely grave" and urged European governments to react - 29-Mar-2001

Ballard Shares Jump on Nissan Order
Ballard said it had received a C$3.4 million (US$2.2 million) order from Japan's Nissan Motor Co. - 29-Mar-2001

Ozone-Eating Clouds Form in Cold Polar Rings
Global warming catalyst for driving ozone-depletion processes over North and South Poles. - 29-Mar-2001

Still Crazy Over Electric Cars
Driving an electric car in California these days feels a bit sinful, like eating a Big Mac in London during a mad cow scare. - 29-Mar-2001

Interview with Former US Climate Negotiator
Frank Loy calls President George W. Bush's rejection of Kyoto treaty a "drastically bad" decision. - 30-Mar-2001

Bush View of Economy Before Climate Provokes Alarm
World leaders stepped up pressure on the United States on Friday to honor a 1997 treaty to combat global warming. - 30-Mar-2001

London to Take Delivery of Low Emission Buses
The London trial will form part of a much wider project involving 27 fuel cell buses. The other eight cities are Reykjavik, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Barcelona and Porto. - 31-Mar-2001