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St. Louis Motor Manufacturer Expands Line into Fuel-Cell Vehicles
Ecostar, a joint venture of Ford, DaimlerChrysler and Ballard Power Systems, has chosen the Emerson Motors division of Emerson to help develop electric motors for fuel-cell cars. - 26-Mar-2001

Whitman Lobbied for U.S. Global Warming Action-Post
Washington Post reports Whitman warned Bush to demonstrate his commitment to cutting greenhouse gases or risk undermining the United States' standing among allies around the world. - 27-Mar-2001

Plug Power Demonstrates Fuel Cell in Germany
Device combines Plug Power's fuel cell technology with Vaillant heating appliance technology. - 27-Mar-2001

SatCon Launches Power Conversion Product Line for Distributed Powe
Systems convert DC electricity to AC electricity to enable efficient distributed power generation using fuel cells, microturbines and solar and wind generators. - 27-Mar-2001

U.S. House Commerce Head Sees Resurgence in U.S. Nuclear Power
Republican lawmakers are taking a closer look at how the industry could fit into a broad national plan to boost domestic energy supplies. - 27-Mar-2001

Clint Eastwood Promotes Solar Energy
Tehama Golf and Country Club has 242 photovoltaic panels powering everything from the clubhouse to the golf carts. The system produces 32 kilowatt hours a day. - 27-Mar-2001

2001 Windsor Workshop Announced
2001 Workshop in Windsor, Ontario to focus on transportation fuels and vehicle technology and the challenges that need to be overcome in order to bring those technologies into common use. - 27-Mar-2001

Greens Say Bush Killed Role in Kyoto Climate Pact
Environmentalists fear US losing credibility with rest of World over global warming issue. - 28-Mar-2001

International Fuel Cells & Burderus Heiztechnik to Develop Fuel Cells for European Residential Market
Initial tests to commence by mid-2003 in important European markets. - 28-Mar-2001

Corning Dedicates Clean Air Products Plant in China
New wholly owned Corning operation produces ceramic catalytic converter substrates for use in automobiles and trucks. Shipments of these clean-air products began in early 2001. - 28-Mar-2001