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Rand Cam Miniature Air Pump Tests Surpass Required Specifications
Miniature pump has fuel cell applications. - 11-Jan-2001

New Engine Technology To Cut Hydrocarbon Pollution 80%
Onboard distillation system weighs five pounds and helps cut startup pollution by burning higher volatile fuel. - 12-Jan-2001

Biodiesel Fuel Credits Adopted By US DOE
Fleets impacted by EPACT can meet requirements, in part, through use of biodiesel fuel use credits. - 12-Jan-2001

Ecostar Supplies the 42V DC/DC Converter For the PPG Sungate Windshield System
Company to high efficiency 14V/42V DC/DC converter to PPG. - 12-Jan-2001

Power Technology Stocks Rise on California Concerns
Fuel cell, solar electric and gas turbine manufacturer stocks up on concerns of California energy crisis. - 12-Jan-2001

Bolder Technologies Announces a Strategic Relationship with GP Batteries
Firms to leverage GP Batteries' proven expertise in very high volume/low cost battery production to significantly reduce the cost of Bolder's patented Thin Metal Film (TMF(R)) batteries. - 12-Jan-2001

Bolder Technologies Announces A Company Restructuring
Company elimates another 89 full and part-time positions on news that sales projections not being met. - 12-Jan-2001

Trimol Group to License Aluminum-Air Fuel Cell Technology
Company will purchase and license certain battery technology for portable consumer electronic devices based on aluminum-air fuel cell technology. - 12-Jan-2001

US Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rise Again
Fossil fuel combustion at power plants and factors still the biggest contributor while GHG emissions from cars, trucks and buses rose 21 percent from 1990-1999. - 14-Jan-2001

RUF Concept Gaining Momentum
Two competing dual-mode transportation systems beginning to attract serious attention, article reports. - 14-Jan-2001