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H Power Corp. to Develop Fuel Cell Systems for the Japanese Residential Market Using Osaka Gas' Fuel Processor
New 500 watt residential unit will incorporate H Power's proprietary fuel cell technology and Osaka Gas' proprietary steam reforming technology. - 23-Mar-2001

Bush Carbon Policy Stirs Controversy in Congress
Minnesota Congressmen critical of Bush CO2 policy reversal. - 23-Mar-2001

Study Examines Best Combination of Fuels and Powertrains, Reports GM
Hydrogen viewed as best long-term fuel replacement for gasoline. - 23-Mar-2001

CARB Certifies Diesel Capstone MicroTurbine for Commercial Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Diesel-fueled microturbine power system for use in commercial hybrid electric vehicles is 75% cleaner than lowest-emitting CARB-certified heady diesel No. 2 engine. - 23-Mar-2001

AEP Tests Sodium Sulfur Battery's Electrical Energy Storage Capabilities
AEP is testing a 12.5-kilowatt compact battery at the Dolan Technology Center. The experiment marks the first stationary battery application in the United States using sodium-sulfur battery technology. - 23-Mar-2001

QUANTUM Awarded Contract to Develop Hydrogen Storage System for Fuel Cell Bus
Thor Industries (NYSE: THO), the largest mid-size bus manufacturer in the U.S., will use a QUANTUM hydrogen storage tank system in its new fuel cell bus. - 23-Mar-2001

Ballard To Supply Fuel Cells To DaimlerChrysler For 30 Fuel Cell Buses
Fifth-generation fuel cell buses will be delivered to 10 European cities for use in transit service beginning in 2002. - 26-Mar-2001

Small Generators Seen Fleeing Calif. Utilities
CalEnergy wins court approval to stop selling electricity to SoCal Edision. - 26-Mar-2001

Astris Energi Inc.'s Small Vehicle Fuel Cell Engines Ready Now, Well Ahead of Cars
Small fuel cells for homes, RVs and golf carts seens as fast developing market for company alkaline fuel cell engine. - 26-Mar-2001

ExxonMobil Corporation Joins California Fuel Cell Partnership
Firm has partnered with GM and Toyota to develop gasoline fuel cell vehicle which it hopes to demonstrate in next 18 months. - 26-Mar-2001