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Could hydrogen be the fuel of the future?
BMW 750hL sedans have traveled total of 63,000 using only hydrogen fuel, though range is limited to just under 220 miles per tank full. - 16-Mar-2001

T-zero Gives Juice to Electric Car Possibilities
Electric sports car that can out-accelerate a gas-powered Ferrari or a Porsche. - 16-Mar-2001

US DOE Initiative to Accelerate SOFC Development
Ten-year, three-part program will take advantage of the many recent developments in solid-oxide fuel cell technology. - 16-Mar-2001

Intensive Lobbying by Utility Interests Preceded Bush's Reversal on Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Edison Electric Institute head is chief lobbyist and instrumental in persuading White House reversal on campaign promise. - 18-Mar-2001

Official White House Letter on CO2 Decision
Bush letter to Senators Hagel, Helms, Craig and Roberts on decision to no regulate CO2. - 19-Mar-2001

H Power Residential Fuel Cell Unit Being Field Tested in Finland
Net Metered System Will Supply Electricity And Heat For Test House And Sell Surplus Electricity To Local Electric Utility. - 19-Mar-2001

Emerson Motors Develops Traction Drive Motor for Fuel Cell-Powered Electric Vehicles
Emerson Motors has partnered with Ecostar to develop the primary drive unit, which consists of a traction inverter module and motor/transaxle. - 19-Mar-2001

Manhattan Scientifics Gets New Patent On Larger System Configuration For Microfuel Cell(TM)
The MicroFuel Cell's modular system is potentially less expensive than other fuel cells to mass produce and operate. - 19-Mar-2001

EVWorld Editor Calls on Bush Administration to Consider More Forward Looking Energy Policy
Open letter to the president of the United States regarding the Administrations backward looking energy policy. - 19-Mar-2001

Millennium Cell Outlines Business Objectives to Shareholders
Strategic partnerships viewed a key to company success. - 23-Mar-2001