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Millennium Cell Announces Letter of Intent With U.S. Borax
Millennium Cell and Borax are discussing the possibility of entering into a joint research agreement aimed at developing the process for converting sodium borates to sodium borohydride. - 15-Mar-2001

American Airlines Transitions to Electric GSE Fleet
First airline to replace fossil fuel GSE fleet in El Paso with electric in air quality non-attainment area. - 15-Mar-2001

Bush Slammed for Abandoning Pollution Pledge
Despite mounting evidence of global warming by greenhouse gases, Bush retreats from earlier campaign pledge, saying he's concerned about high energy costs. - 15-Mar-2001

Democrats Seek to Reverse Bush Emissions Decision
Sen. Joseph Lieberman, a Connecticut Democrat, said he would introduce a bill to set emission limits with the support of at least two moderate Senate Republicans. - 15-Mar-2001

Michelin and Dow Sign PAX System Supply Agreement
Polyurethane-based inner support wheel enables an automobile with a flat tire to travel up to 125 miles at 55 miles-per-hour. - 15-Mar-2001

GreenVolt Power to Unveil First Commercial Fuel Cell Deriving Electrical Energy From Metal, Water, Salt and Air
Portable fuel cell utilizes an electrolyte composed of water and table salt to produce up to 10 amperes of current at 13.5 volts DC for 50 hours on a single set of replaceable anodes. - 15-Mar-2001

Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicle Conference to Explore Trends in Advanced Propulsion Systems, Fuels
WestStart and US Army National Automotive Center sponsor "Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicles for the 21st Century: Exploring Trends in Advanced Technologies and Fuels" conference. - 16-Mar-2001

The World's Largest Hybrid-Photovoltaic / Wind Energy System Now Operational in Hawaii
Incorporating advanced photovoltaic and wind technologies, Parker Ranch's hybrid installation leverages renewable energy sources round the clock to generate most of the power required for the ranch's water pumping operations. - 16-Mar-2001

Despite reduced revenues, Robertson Stephens rates IMPCO Buy
Revenues for Q3 $22.0 million compared to revenue estimate of $25.5 million while EPS were up ($.042) comared to estimate ($0.22). - 16-Mar-2001

GM Considering Fuel Cell Uses Beyond Automobiles
"This is no longer a science project. The fuel cell is getting to be real." - 16-Mar-2001