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A Glorified Golf Cart It Isn't
Rivolta says its NEV could be sold for under $10,000. - 13-Mar-2001

Wildlife Preserve Shows Effect of Global Warming
Chesapeake Bay wildlife refuge losing 125 acres a year to rising water levels. - 13-Mar-2001

Bush Administration Urged to Cut CO2 Emissions
13 environmental groups urge Bush to move quickly to fulfill his campaign promise to clean up power plant emissions of four major pollutants, including carbon dioxide. - 13-Mar-2001

Australian Inventors Claim New Motor 500% Efficient
Lutec 1000 operates continually on a pulse-like current 24 hours a day - producing 24 kilowatts of power - once it is kickstarted from a battery source. - 13-Mar-2001

Bush Breaks Promise to Label CO2 Pollutant
Victory to coal and utility interests as Bush says issue needs more study. - 14-Mar-2001

Capstone Signs First South American Distributor
Conuar of Buenos Aires, Argentina has entered into a nine-month initial distribution agreement with Capstone Turbine Corp. - 14-Mar-2001

EU 'Concerned' Over Bush's CO2 And Climate Stance
EU Environment Commissioner Margot Wallstrom said scientific reports published this year by a U.N. panel of experts gave conclusive evidence that global warming was being caused by the emission of greenhouse gases and could have disastrous effects on the environment. - 14-Mar-2001

Largest Wind Farm in Eastern U.S. to be Built in Pennsylvania
New 15-megawatt wind farm in Fayette County,Pennsylvania to produce enough power for 5,700 homes. - 14-Mar-2001

Fuel Cell Output to Multiply By Factor of 250 in Next Decade
Stationary fuel cell electricity generating capacity will jump to over 15,000 megawatts (MW) by 2010 from just 75 MW in 2001. - 15-Mar-2001

Increase in Greenhouse Gases Seen From Space
New sets of data taken 27 years apart from two satellites orbiting the Earth have now provided the first observational evidence from space of a rise in greenhouse gases. - 15-Mar-2001