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Graftech Inc. Announces Completion of Phase One Test of Canadian Natural Graphite Flake Deposit
New site promises to be source for low cost natural graphite flake used to manufacture flow field plates for PEM fuel cells. - 07-Mar-2001

Neutrogena to Install $1.4 million, 200 kW Solar System
The solar system -- taking up 24,000 sq feet of roof area -- will help reduce energy consumption by 20 percent monthly. - 07-Mar-2001

Bush Energy Budget May Cut Renewables Research
steep cuts proposed in federal research spending on energy-efficiency improvements in buildings, vehicles and appliances, and in solar power and other "renewable" energy sources. - 07-Mar-2001

Lightyear Technologies Enters Agreements with Catalyst and Battery Manufacturers
Lightyear says nanotechnology may save the oil refining industry up to $30 billion over the next five years and produce cleaner-burning fuels. - 07-Mar-2001

HbT-Visteon Alliance Aims to Speed Fuel Cells to Market
Alliance to reduce costs of hydrogen fuel processor. - 07-Mar-2001

Seattle's Auburn Riverside High School Designs Fuel Cell Dream Vehicle For Chrysler Group
Mojave concept vehicle would be powered by zero emission hydrogen fuel cell. - 08-Mar-2001

Fuel Cell Power Inverter Exceeds 95% Efficiency Target
Sustainable Energy Technologies 4kW dc to ac inverter shows peak efficiency of 96% at 20% of full load. - 08-Mar-2001

GEM NEV Makes Rockies Front Range Debut
Ferrero Auto Center of Loveland opens it dealership to sell GEM neighborhood EV. - 08-Mar-2001

Startech Environmental Unveils First StarCell Hydrogen System At Shareholders Meeting
StarCell system produces 30 cubic feet of hydrogen from plasma converted gas from waste which is enough fuel to power 400 cars a day. - 08-Mar-2001

Methanex alleges contributions swayed MTBE ban
Company says Governor Davis swayed by political contributions from ADM. - 08-Mar-2001