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Proton Energy Systems, Inc. Announces Fourth Quarter, Year-End Results
Revenues down over previous years quarter, but company reports major goals achieved for year 2000. - 06-Mar-2001

Tony Blair: Climate Change Offers Commercial Chance
British PM says,"We will only succeed if we make tackling climate change a commercial opportunity." - 06-Mar-2001

Make Money And Save the World, Blair Says
British Labor government to invest 100 million pounds in renewable energy programs. - 06-Mar-2001

Ovonic Battery Files A Lawsuit Against Matsushita Battery
ECD's Ovonic Battery unit files patent infringement suit on Ovonic hybrid electric vehicle batteries used in Toyota Prius. - 06-Mar-2001

ydro Environmental Resources, Inc. Begins Production Of 'Next Generation' Fuel Cell
Firm's next generation fuel cell to produce 2.5 kw/hr also generates its own hydrogen. - 06-Mar-2001

US Congress Passes HR 727 Regulating Electric Bikes
US Congress Passes HR 727 Regulating Electric Bikes - 06-Mar-2001

Top MIT Expert Calls Kyoto Agreement 'Absurd'
Dr. Richard Lindzen is critical of forecoming IPCC report calling it a children's exercise. - 06-Mar-2001

GM Recognized for Sustainable Business Practices
GM earned the SBI Seal of Sustainability for its commitment to reducing waste and pollutants, conserving resources, and using recycled materials at every stage of the product life cycle. - 06-Mar-2001

Chorus Motors plc Announces New Chorus Motor Patent
Motor boasts very high start-up torque and greater efficiency, at lower cost within standard operating temperature limits, than for conventional AC and DC Motors. - 07-Mar-2001

Nuvera Fuel Cells Demonstrates Natural Gas Fuel Cell Powering Verizon Telecommunication System
Demonstration to span 2-year period and test fuel cells in 5kW range. - 07-Mar-2001