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Toyota Shows Fuel-Cell Vehicle
Fuel cell runs in hybrid configuration on hydrogen stored in metal hydrid. - 02-Mar-2001

DuPont Survey Sees Cost as Top Automotive Industry Challenges, with Fuel Economy, Technology on Rise
Cost reduction,fuel economy,technology issues,safety and emissions are top challenges. - 02-Mar-2001

Plug Power Announces CFO to Take Consultant Role
Family health reasons compell William Largent to step down as CFO, but will remain in a consultive role. - 02-Mar-2001

U.S. Promises Complete Re-Think on Climate Change
New US Administration says it's not obligated to Clinton Administration compromises on US stance on global warming. - 02-Mar-2001

New Honda Fuel Cell Sedan To Serve as Pace Car for LA Marathon
FCX-V3, the first fuel cell car to serve as pace car, uses hydrogen fuel cell and ultra-capacitor. - 02-Mar-2001

Technologies M4 Shows Innovative Electric Vehicle Power Technologies at SAE Expo
HPDG system is based on optimized, permanent-magnet, brushless technology. - 02-Mar-2001

U.S. Green Charm Offensive Wins Friends
New EPA head says Bush recognizes problem of global warming and will seek bi-partisan legislation to limit CO2 emissions. - 05-Mar-2001

Skeljungur Ltd. and DCH Launch Commercial Fuel Cells Initiative
Firms to conduct six-month market opportunity assessment for DCH fuel cells. - 05-Mar-2001

UQM Technologies Introduces Advanced Propulsion System for Hybrid, Electric and Fuel Cell Vehicles at 2001 SAE World Congress
Company's Integrated Electric Traction System is is an efficient sole propulsion system for small to mid-size vehicles or an axle drive system for larger vehicles. - 05-Mar-2001

Syntroleum Sees Synthetic Fuels Playing Key Role Army SmarTruck
Company urges use of synthetic fuels as means for new US Army SmarTruck to meet its goals. - 06-Mar-2001