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New Products Leading Ford of Europe Transformation
Ford previews hybrid-electric SUV and fuel cell Focus at Geneva Motor Show - 27-Feb-2001

Fuel Cell Energy Reports 1stQ Revenue Increase
Revenues increased 59% over same quarter in 2000 with net loss of $0.18 per dilute share. - 27-Feb-2001

Hydrogenics Expands Customer Base and Product Offerings
Firm announces first time sales of FCATS(TM) control and test system to Asia-Pacific automotive manufacturer. - 27-Feb-2001

Shell, Siemens agree solar power joint venture
Siemens to own 34%, Shell 33% and utility E.ON Energie AG 33%. - 28-Feb-2001

Virginia Utility Orders Aura Systems Mobile Generators
Dominion Virgiain Power, which services 2 million customers, orders mobile generators for utility service vehicles. - 28-Feb-2001

Enginion AG Says New Engine is 'Cleaner Than the Air we Breathe'
Equal Zero Emission Engine uses external combustion that is based on a patented 'Caloric Porous Structure Cell' (CPS Cell), utilizing a newly developed thermo-chemical combustion reaction. - 28-Feb-2001

Diamond Material May See Use As Fuel Cell Membrane
Diamond electrolyte membrane (DEM) shows potential to replace polymer electrolyte membrane in fuel cells, firm says. - 28-Feb-2001

Avista Labs Forms New Company Focused on Hydrogen Production for Fuel Cells
New firm called H2fuel to develop and commercialize a new technology for manufacturing hydrogen for fuel cell use. - 01-Mar-2001

Pacific Could Serve As Global Warming Vent
Vent in heat trapping cirrus cover could release enough energy to reduce global warming from greenhouse gases. - 01-Mar-2001

NJ Approves New Programs and Funding for Customer Energy Savings and Renewable Energy
Funding to increase to $124 million by 2003 to help fund energy conservation and renewable energy programs. - 02-Mar-2001