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Automakers Drop Push to Block Fuel Economy Freeze
Carmakers ready to drop objections to CAFE improvement in support of tax credits for fuel efficient vehicles. - 23-Feb-2001

Honda Insight Tops Rankings in 2001 ACEEE Green Book
Two Honda models recognized as top environmental vehicles for 2001 model year by American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. - 23-Feb-2001

GM Seeks Review of ZEV Mandate
GM files suit contends CARB violated California laws. - 23-Feb-2001

Senator Changes Bill to Reform Energy Policy
Bill seeks to permit more drilling on federal lands and give $3 tax credit to small well owners. - 23-Feb-2001

Capstone Pens UK Distribution Agreement
Advantica Technologies to distribute CHP version of Capstone Microturbine in UK and Ireland. - 26-Feb-2001

SAE Congress Presentation Says 42-Volt Systems to Change the World
Two part presentation focuses on global impact of 42-volt automotive systems and service issues. - 26-Feb-2001

Emex Corp. Registers Low-sulfur Diesel With EPA
Low-sulfur diesel fuel sythesized from natural gas using proprietary processes. - 26-Feb-2001

Automotive Engineering International Presents Fuel Cell Transportation Technology Summit
Conference scheduled for June 11, 2001 in San Jose, CA. - 26-Feb-2001

Portland Firm Creates Tenant Convenience Car Program
200 Market Building developer provides Corbin Sparrow for tenant use. - 27-Feb-2001

Reg Technologies, Inc. Files Generation of Hydrogen' Patent
Patent is for technology that uses neither heat nor electricity to produce hydrogen. - 27-Feb-2001