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The Sparrow Makes Its Way to Georgia
Georgis is first state to offer $2,500 tax credit for purchase of three-wheeled Corbin Sparrow electric vehicle. - 20-Feb-2001

Ballard revenue rises in fourth quarter
Ballard officials told analysts on Tuesday it believes it can cut production costs of the Mark 900 by 40 percent in 2001, which will make it more price competitive with internal combustion engines. - 20-Feb-2001

Capstone Turbine Subsidiary Formed to Serve Electricity Needs of California Businesses
Company's new subsidiary to open offices in other California cities. - 21-Feb-2001

DaimlerChrysler Escalates War of the SUVs
Giant SUV based on German military transport to be sold in US by Freightliner. - 22-Feb-2001

Detroit's Answer to 'Hybrid' Cars
US carmakers look to hybrid electric technology to improve performance of sport utility vehicles. - 22-Feb-2001

Millennium Cell and Ballard Power Systems Reach First Milestone in Joint Development Agreement
Millennium Cell successfully completes system demonstration at Ballard Power Systems. - 22-Feb-2001

BPA Solicits New Wind Power Projects
Bonneville Power Administration is looking for upwards of 1,000 megawatts of new renewable wind power, and it wants the power fast. - 22-Feb-2001

Analysts Puzzled by Sharp Drop in Ballard Shares
Firms shows off 1kW residential fuel cell for Japanese market and direct methanol cell, despite unexpected drop in share prices. - 22-Feb-2001

Sydney to London in Two Hours By Hydrogen-powered Scram-Jet
Low cost Australian-designed engine could allow hypersonic travel at 5,000 mph. - 22-Feb-2001

Dynasty Motorcar Unviels IT Prototype EV
IT prototype has 90 inch wheelbase, range of 30 miles and top speed of 25 mph. Production is slated to begin 2nd Q, 2001. - 22-Feb-2001