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U.S. Automakers Face Battle Over Environment
With ZEV mandate looming, carmakers face decision time on building high mileage vehicles. - 05-Jan-2001

Taiwanese Firms Continue Development of Electric Motorcycle
Taiwan's FTC to allow firms to continue work on electric motorcycle which has experienced development delays. - 05-Jan-2001

Siemens Westinghouse's 100 kW SOFC System Passes 12,000 Hours
System accumulated 16,612 hours of operation since its original start up in December 1997 and after restart of the system with a rebuilt fuel cell stack in March 1999, the system has operated for nearly 12,600 cumulative hours without any performa - 05-Jan-2001

SANYO Powers Ford's First Hybrid Electric Vehicle
The HEV battery system will be on display along with the Ford Escape HEV beginning January 6th at the Los Angeles Auto Show. - 06-Jan-2001

Capstone Turbine "Part of the Solution" to California Energy Crisis
Microturbine manufacturer sees small scale, distributed generation as way to ease power crunch in California. - 08-Jan-2001

BMW's Fleet of Hydrogen Powered 7 Series Cars Comes to America
Cars to be on display as part of BMW CleanEnergy World Tour in LA on July 12th. - 08-Jan-2001

GM, Toyota Reach Agreement on Fuels for Fuel Cell Vehicles
Firms agree that hydrogen is long term fuel for fuel cells with clean hydrocarbon fuel for short- to medium-term. - 08-Jan-2001

Evercel, Inc. Files to Offer 3 Million Shares
Proceeds of offering to be used to equip second automated battery production line in Virginia facility. - 08-Jan-2001

SatCon's Technology Center Selected for Development of High-Power Shipboard Power Converters
Company to develop components as part of US Navy program to develop All-electric ships. - 09-Jan-2001

Ford & GM To Announces Plans For More Hybrid-electric Vehicles
Hybrid electric Explorer to be available starting in 2004, following Escape HEV out in 2003. GM expected to make similar announcement during 2001 NAIAS. - 09-Jan-2001