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Indian Study Gives New Insight on Global Warming
Fertilizer run-off in coastal waters identified as possible contributor to global warming. - 17-Nov-2000

Protesters Besiege Climate Talks to Show Flood Risk
Dutch Environment Minister joins sandbag building demonstration. - 18-Nov-2000

Energy Firms See No Big Costs From Climate Pact
Complying with the Kyoto pact could cost each inhabitant of industrialized countries as little as $1 to $5 per year by 2010. - 18-Nov-2000

Climate Talks Stall Over Carbon 'Sinks'
Debate centers on proposed carbon emissions trading by industrialized nations. - 18-Nov-2000

Global Thermoelectric's New Fuel Cell Facility Nearing Completion
Solid oxide fuel cell pilot plant to be first commissioned in Canada. - 18-Nov-2000

Politicians Set for Crunch Week at Climate Talks
Negotiators face tough week of wrangling over how to equitably implement Kyoto Accords and reduce man-made greenhouse gases warming the atmosphere. - 19-Nov-2000

U.S. Senators Wary of Greenhouse Gas Pact
U.S. Senator's argue for flexible emissions trading and greenhouse gas emission reducing mechanisms that will not harm US economy. - 19-Nov-2000

Climate Talks Chair Warns Politicians 'No Tricks'
Senior politicians from 185 countries have one week to reach a deal on how to achieve the emissions reductions they accepted under a U.N. pact. - 19-Nov-2000

Climate Talks Chief Sees Daunting Week Ahead
Any agreement must also be "environmentally credible" so people could see genuine action was being taken, say Dutch minister. - 19-Nov-2000

Hancock Natural Resource Group Announces New Global Forest Carbon Sequestration Investment Program
Firm plans initiative that uses reforestation as method for extracting CO2 fro the atmosphere. - 20-Nov-2000