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Cummins Says It Is Considering Entering 10kW Fuel Cell Marketplace
Power Generation unit projecting 10% to 15% sales growth due to telecomm and internet power needs. - 15-Nov-2000

IdaTech Demonstrates Methanol Fuel Cell System Presentation at World Methanol Conference
Boise-based company on track to commercialize fuel cell units starting in 2002. - 15-Nov-2000

Texaco Purchases 5% Interest in Acumentrics Corporation
Westwood, Mass company develops new technology for distributed generation marketplace. - 15-Nov-2000

EU Gives Surprise Welcome to Climate Proposal
U.S. proposal to count new forests as "sinks" that soak up greenhouse gases viewed as positive first step towards climate agreement. - 15-Nov-2000

More Utilities Embracing Distributed Generation Technologies
New Chartwell study indicates growing market but still uncertain future. - 16-Nov-2000

Inuit Tribe: World is Getting Warmer
Animal species native to warmer climes now appearing, arctic species dwindling, say tribes. - 16-Nov-2000

MBNA Addresses COMDEX on Automotive Next Frontier
Mercedes Benz keynote highlights coming computer revolution in the automobile. - 16-Nov-2000

General Motors Takes Next Steps Toward a Fuel Cell-Powered Vehicle for Commercial Use
New, breakthrough fuel processor 80 percent efficient plus smaller and lighter than previous versions. - 16-Nov-2000

Climate Row: Amazon 'Sink' or Lungs of the Planet?
Environmental protest carbon sink proposals as attempt to dump global warming on poor countries. - 16-Nov-2000

EU Blasts U.S. Climate Plan As 'Free Gift'
Carbon sink plan offer by US, Canada and Japan rebuffed by EU as absolving world's largest polluter. - 16-Nov-2000