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AZ House Speaker Resigns Over Alternative Fuel Debacle
$3-10 million program to encourage less polluting fuels balloons into $483 million state budget buster. - 14-Nov-2000

U.S. Climate Plan Threatens to Deepen Summit Rift
Heart of US plan is emissions trading. - 14-Nov-2000

Energy Conversion Devices Announces Improved Operating Results for the First Quarter
Company reports revenues up 33.7% with net loss of $1,745,000 or $0.09 per share. - 15-Nov-2000

CVF Technologies Corporation Reports a Revenue Increase
Company product portfolio includes controllers from fuel cells and electric vehicles. - 15-Nov-2000

U.S. Concerns on Nuclear Power's Role in Climate
Vice President Gore states opposition of use of nuclear power to cut greenhouse gas emissions. - 15-Nov-2000

Faster Car Crash Tests May Be Needed
Automobiles would have to pass two higher-speed crash tests to be sold in the United States under rules proposed by US DOT. - 15-Nov-2000

French Nuclear Tauted As GHG Fighter But Not in Transportation
Nuclear power not seen as cutting increasing reliance on fossil fuels in transportation sector. - 15-Nov-2000

New York State Adopts California-style ZEV Mandate
Starting 2004 model year 10% of vehicles sold must be ZEV or PZEV. - 15-Nov-2000

Unique Mobility Becomes UQM Technologies
Electrical vehicle component maker changes names and expands products into new markets. - 15-Nov-2000

Hawks Industries Announces Revolutionary Advancement for Production of Clean Diesel Fuel
Two-step process simplifies production of synthetic fuels. - 15-Nov-2000