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Agriculture Department Makes Available $150 BioMass Fuel Subsidy
Subsidy aims to boost production and use of biomass fuels over next two years. - 03-Nov-2000

Green cars and red ink
Will clean, green cars ever evolve from their tiny niche market in America? - 04-Nov-2000

Fuel Cell Engine Maker XCELLSiS Joins California Fuel Cell Partnership
Fuel cell maker joins Partnership to develop commercial automotive applications and infrastructure. - 06-Nov-2000

Mitsubishi & Daimler May Build Fuel Cell Cars Together
Joint development of fuel cell cars would be a key step in an expected deepening of cooperation after the German-American auto giant took a 34 percent stake in Mitsubishi this year. - 07-Nov-2000

U of Michigan Business School Club Panel Challenges Auto Industry To Consider New Development Methods, Different Revenue Models
Telematics seens as new opportunity for automakers. - 07-Nov-2000

Tech/Ops Sevcon Reports Fourth Quarter and Annual Results
Maker of microprocessor-based controls for electric vehicles. - 07-Nov-2000

ABB Named Corporate Sustainability Leader
Company increasingly focused on alternative energy and small-scale distributed power generation, fuel cells and microturbines. - 07-Nov-2000

Methanol Fuel Cell Car: "Fit for practical use"
DaimlerChrysler Necar 5 called "next generation" methanol-powered fuel cell vehicle. - 07-Nov-2000

Global Warming Business Group Cools Its Message
Warming naysayers' fortunes wane as evidence mounts and supporters retreat. - 08-Nov-2000

Dodge Ram Contractor Special Doubles Environmental Benefits With Hybrid Powertrain and Clean Auxiliary Power
New "Contractor Special" hybrid-electric pickup to boast 20kW electric generator. - 08-Nov-2000