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New York Hospital Installs 200kW Fuel Cell
North Central Bronx Hospital installs unit to provide back-up power and becomes third unit to come online in New York and Westchester Counties under New York Power Authority program. - 26-Dec-2000

Valence Technology Completes Bellcore Battery Technology Acquisition
Telcordia lithium-ion polymer battery intellectual property rights acquired for 3 million shares of Valence Technology. - 27-Dec-2000

Convenience Car Program Aims to Promote `Greener' Commuting Habits
200 Market Building management provides tenants with use of Sparrow electric vehicle - 27-Dec-2000

HOGEN Hydrogen Generators Help Assure Hydrogen Supply Reliability
HOGEN Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolytic generation system uses a solid polymer electrolyte to produce high purity (99.999%) hydrogen using only electricity and water as raw materials. - 27-Dec-2000

Canadian Groups Form Renewable Energy Coalition
Coalition seeks to promote consumer green energy credit and broad tax investment incentives for green power. - 27-Dec-2000

MSRC Awards $17.2 Million for Projects to Clean Up Pollution From Cars/Trucks/Buses
Funds to be used for alternative fuel buses and heavy duty vehicles,electric bicycles and ridesharing programs. - 27-Dec-2000

BOLDER Technologies Forecasts Fourth Quarter Net Revenue
Company reports 116% net revenue increase over 1999 and improved sales in 2001 with introduction of two new products. - 28-Dec-2000

Mechanical Technology Announces Fiscal 2000 Results and First Quarter Activities
Company reports $18.6 million loss, $15.9 million of which is related to equity investment in Plug Power, a fuel cell developer. - 28-Dec-2000

Poll Shows US Drivers Reluctant To Buy EVs
71% of Americans said they would not buy EV or Hybrid if the car cost more than conventional cars. - 28-Dec-2000

Natural Disasters Reported at Record Level in 2000
Natural disasters rose by 100 in 2000 to 850, taking 10,000 lives and $30 billion in damage, with some of the blame being placed on global warming by European insurer Munich Re. - 28-Dec-2000