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EPA Mercury Ruling Good For Air, Bad for Water?
Environmental groups express concern that scrubbed mercury could end up in ground water. - 21-Dec-2000

New York Buys Hybrid-electric Buses
Order is for 200 hybrid-electric buses worth $77 million. Drive systems to be built by BAE Systems and bus by Orion Bus Industries of Oriskany, New York. - 21-Dec-2000

Graftech Inc.'s New Advanced Flexible Graphite Line Proceeding On Schedule
DaimlerChrysler NECAR 5 and other DCX fuel cell prototypes make use of Grafcell advanced flexible graphite materials. - 21-Dec-2000

Calif. Gov. to Meet Fed's Greenspan on Power Crisis
Crisis costing two largest utilities estimated at $8 billion in unrecoverable costs. - 22-Dec-2000

Neighborhood Energy Could Slash CO2 Emissions in Australia
Australia to set up Centre for Distributed Energy and Power to look at advantages of localized, neighborhood power-generation. - 22-Dec-2000

EPA Moves to Dramatically Cut Heavy Truck and Bus Emissions
New rules will make future heavy-duty trucks and buses 95% cleaner than today's models. - 22-Dec-2000

Hemp Oil-Powered Car To Tour US Summer of 2001
Advocates say that if hemp were legal to grow in the U.S., technologies such as pyrolysis would make hemp fuels economically competitive with petrol fuels while absorbing CO2 instead of releasing it. - 22-Dec-2000

Hydrogen Sulphide Fuel Cell Tests Completed
Ethyl Tech and Gas Technology Institute extend MOU after successful completion of tests of hydrogen sulphide fuel cell. - 23-Dec-2000

Rentech Comments on EPA Diesel Emissions Rule
Fischer-Tropsch processor sees tougher emissions standards as providing incentive to use cleaner fuels. - 23-Dec-2000

Hydrogen or Gasoline? Controversial Debate to `Fuel' the Day's Agenda at SAE World Congress
Panel to discuss how to fuel the fuel cell powerplants of tomorrow's cars. - 26-Dec-2000