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Modine to buy Thermacore Intl for about $93.5 million
Company strengthen electronics-cooling, CO2 air-conditioning,and fuel cell thermal management technologies. - 14-Dec-2000

BP Unveils Capstone-Powered Gas Station In Spain
30kW unit will power station's electricity, heat water for car wash and building during winter at 80% efficiency. - 14-Dec-2000

Orange County Transportation Authority Becomes First on West Coast To Place Hybrid-Electric Transit Bus Into Commercial Service
New hybrid-electric diesel bus cuts particulate emissions by 90% and NOx by 50% over conventional diesel buses. - 14-Dec-2000

2001 Odyssey Year for Fuel Cell Industry
Fuel cell stocks have saw their prices drop along with Internet stocks, but by far less as home-sized units begin to be commercialized in 2001. - 15-Dec-2000

Throw Out the Boiler, Home Fuel Cells Are Coming
British chemical and precious metals firm seen as beneficiary of growth in residential fuel cell marketplace in coming decade. - 15-Dec-2000

Emission Regulations Drive Development and Release of New IMPCO Fuel Systems
California's Air Resources Board will require 25% of all industrial equipment sold in the state in 2001 to have reduced emissions, eventually rising to 100% in subsequent years. - 15-Dec-2000

Scientists Suggest New Threat to Antarctic Ice
Changes in flow of ice streams in Antarctica might suggest world entering new glacial period rather than global warming. - 17-Dec-2000

GM Cites 24 Percent Emissions Reduction in North America
North American plans reduce emissions by 24% and non-recycled waste by 28%. - 19-Dec-2000

Ballard Chief Downplays Proposed California ZEV Rule Changes
Firoz Rasul sees possible changes as positive for Ballard fuel cells. - 19-Dec-2000

Hydrogenics Announces Successful Demonstration of Portable Fuel Cell Power Generator
2kW portable power generator uses rechargeable metal hydride storage of hydrogen. - 19-Dec-2000